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True happiness lies in showing acts kindness, love and mercy. There is no better way to do this than to find a little seemingly hopeless child and you give him or her a bright future

This is what we exactly do here at Samaritans For Children. The need is so immense hence the need for you to join in by donating and partnering in this noble cause. For every donation be it $30, $50 , $100 or whatever you can afford, a child or children in Mityana District in Uganda will be able to go to school with adequate tuition fees, schorlastic materials, and feeding. It also helps in building our schools and orphanage etc

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You may also sponsor a child by sending the donations via Western Union, World Remit, Bank Transfers, Mobile Money etc

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Who we are

Samaritans For Children, Mityana, Uganda is a community based Non-denomination
Christian organisation but base on the bible as our pillar towards salvation and base on
the concepts of the Lord, son of God in
provision of our services inclined to physical, spiritual, emotional and mental support for a holistic responsible future young generation and organised Christian families.

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Samaritans For Children, Mityana, Uganda

P.O. Box 449

T. +256 772 838 101
E. info@samaritansforchildren.org