April – August 2021

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Hello Christians and friends of Samaritans for Children in Mityana Uganda

I humbly greet you in the Name of Jesus Christ and thank you whatever you are doing for serving the lord, your family and your lives.

Am presenting to you our Report period April-August 2021.


Samaritans for Children is a Christian community based Organisation founded in October 2014 and registered by Mityana District local Government Reg No BUL/99/2014.

Our Major Aim is social Economic development and spiritual support to Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Mityana District Uganda.

We are Located in Buswabulongo Village Mityana Municipality opposite Half London Guest House Mityana District Uganda.

Currently Samaritans for Children has been affected by COvid 19 crisis and we are currently supporting 40 orphans and vulnerable children where 15 kids are at our centre and 25 kids are being helped by Samaritans for Children at Christians homes within our areas.

Samaritans for Children is currently helping these children in areas of feeding, clothing, education, medical, spiritual and gospel, housing(15 Kids) and paying rent to those in Christians homes. We also Buy Scholastic materials for our kids like shoes, uniform, books, geometry sets and pay tuition fees with lunch.

We also visit schools and give them a word of God with spreading the word of God at radio and counselling Children.

However Schools closed in June 2021 and to open soon in Sept 2021 as we were in lock down.


We have managed to pay school fees for 30 schooling children and pay requirement like books, lunch, uniform, shoes, school bags, geometry sets etc

We have managed to pay for our premises rent for this period and now require to pay for month of Sept, Oct, Nov Dec 2021

We have managed to carry out 8 radio programmes in this period targeting over 5000 listeners and beneficiaries spreading the word of God and counselling children to be Christians and behave well with helping their parents in daily home activities.

We managed to reach Mityana Kinder Garten, St Kizito Learning Centre and New Junior School with Evangelism and Christian support to learners. In this we emphasized children to be born again and love Christ and fellow children.

We have managed to care for 15 kids at our centre and 25 kids with Christians  homes in areas of feeding, clothing, rent dues, medical care, clothing and emergencies.

Challenges of Samaritans for Children in this period

Children lack Bibles and Christian gospel and need continuous visitations and counselling from pastors for the word of the lord.

We have challenges of getting food which is enough for our centre and to feed those in Christians Homes. We as well need soap, first Aid and medical bills for emergencies, sugar, eggs, beef, maize flour, rice, beans, electricity bills, water, rent for our premises and allowances for staff.

We have Challenges in payment of Tuition fees , shoes, geometry sets, lunch fees at school,  books, pens pencils, School bags.

WE have no income generating project for our ministry which can make subsidy in dry period of resources. Such projects can be goats, chicken, cattle and a farming with some land

OUR DEMANDS FOR PERIOD 2021 Sept-DeC where you may support weekly and monthly

Bibles monthly $50, Tuition fees each Kid$30 monthly , Uniform/Shoes/School bags/ books/pens each kid monthly $30, Feeding $55 per kid monthly, Renting our premises $200 per month, Clothing, Beddings/Medical/ermergies$ 25 monthly per kid,

Radio programmes wekly at $80 , Visiting schools with gospel $ 150 monthly

Our project of Goats and Chicken and Tailoring shop to start to raise income

Goats$ 70 per goat and we need 10 goats , chicken $$5 per five chicken, 3 sewing machines $ 150 per sewing machine

WE are praying for you to be blessed and help us also spread the information of Samaritans for Children to friends. We as well need visitors to Mityana and we need prayers for our Ministry.

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www.samritansforchildren.org , facebook  Muyingo Ande Andrew, Twitter @linkruralbased.

WE kindly request for any questions, and replies

Thank you for Taking your time and supporting Samaritans for Children. God bless you as you are ‘a hand to the needy’


P.O.BOX 449 Mityana Uganda, Tel +256772838101, Whats Up +256757584798

Who we are

Samaritans For Children, Mityana, Uganda is a community based Non-denomination
Christian organisation but base on the bible as our pillar towards salvation and base on
the concepts of the Lord, son of God in
provision of our services inclined to physical, spiritual, emotional and mental support for a holistic responsible future young generation and organised Christian families.

Contact us
Samaritans For Children, Mityana, Uganda

P.O. Box 449

T. +256 772 838 101
E. info@samaritansforchildren.org