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Samaritans for children is a member christian community based Non-denomination organisation registered by Mityana local Government registration number BUL/98/2014, in October 2014. It was founded by christian members including Muyingo Andrew and Norah Nabakunja. We are advocating for local and international communities to help the orphans, vulnerable children and needy women. Such Samaritans communities include christians, business people, churches, companies, NGOs, Education and political institutions. We encourage them to assist in services, materials, sponsorship, care, referrals and networking to support our children and beneficiaries.
Samaritans for children assist orphans, vulnerable children and women who are needy, those that are affected by covid-19, with HIV/AIDS in the communities in Mityana District.
Strengthening the awareness on prevention of Covid-19 virus and policies set up by the World Health Organisation but specifically the Ministry Of Health in Uganda. We also carry out promotion of Samaritans for children women groups in communities with spreading the gospel to these children, youths and women.
We support schools in spiritual career guidance with support in bible supplies and promotion of christian values.

Samaritans For Children Strategic Agenda

Dear most esteemed website visitors, allow me to share with you this book writen by the director Andrew Muyingo giving light about the four cross cutting projects of Samaritans For Children. Kindly link us to support for the orphans and vulnerable children, children's voice, one God's universal temple and samaritan international technical and spiritual welfare institute talked about in this strategic agenda.

While writing this book, I was guided by the Holy Spirit for such visions and I would like to share with you and be part of the project in either praying, funding, visiting or linking friends to our project in Mityana - Uganda.

Samaritans For Children's Lord's call

We call upon brothers and sisters from around the world to donate, volunteer, visit and network with Samaritans For Children towards provision of holistic spiritual, physical, physcological service delivery to children, youths and women of Mityana district.

Situation Analysis Of Orphans And Vulnerable Children In Uganda

Uganda was one of the first countries in which the potential impact of the HIV and AIDS epidemic on children was documented and recognized (Hunter 1990, Müller and Abbas 1990, Dunn et al. 1992). According to Children on the Brink 2000 (Hunter and Williamson 2000), in 1990, 17 percent of Uganda’s children below 15 years old were orphaned. The Uganda National Household Survey conducted by UBOS in 2005/6 identified that 15 percent of Ugandan children (below the age of 18 years old) were orphaned, suggesting that at that time there were approximately two million orphaned children in Uganda.
In Uganda, a child who has been orphaned is defined as a child below the age of 18 years old whose mother or father has died 1 (MGLSD 2004b). According to this definition, orphaned children are just one category of vulnerable children in Uganda, since many more children live in situations that render them vulnerable. Rampant poverty and lack of access to basic services (such as appropriate housing, health care, education, water, and sanitation) have left many children vulnerable to high risks of exposure to harm.


Then people brought little children to Jesus for him to place his hands on them and pray for them. But the disciples rebuked them. Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” When he had placed his hands on them, he went on from there.
Matthew 19:13-14

Become A Volunteer

We are a Non Profit Organisation for the most vulnerable children in different socities of Mityana District in Uganda. You can as well join the cause to save the vulnerable children by choosing to volunteer with us.

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Our Causes

The Most Vulnerable Children

Samaritans For Children has always been there for the most vulnerable children in the different communuties of Uganda. We get marginalized and un previledged children from very humble families. Some of these children are school dropouts due to failure to get the scholarstic needs and schools. In most cases we help them to have education and scholarstic materials needed. You can as well join us in this cause.

Preaching the Gospel

We work with different churches within and allover other communities to spread the word of God to those who have lost hope.

Reaching out to the women

Samaritans For Children doesn't only caters for the orphans and vulnerable children but also takes a step to reach out to the youth and women in different communities especially those in need- the widows and those in thirsty of the word of God. We also create women groups purposely for uplifting the economic welfare of families targetting children in each house holds. We also spread the word of God to these women with their children and youths.