Problems in Mityana related to orphans & the vulnerable

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Samaritans For Children is found in Mityana District, Uganda

Mityana, is a town in the Central Region of Uganda, approximately 70km to the west of the capital city of Uganda – Kampala. It is the main municipal, administrative, and commercial center of Mityana District, and the district headquarters are located there.

Mityana has a population of  328,964 (2020)

Total Population by Age group of Mityana

Age group Male Female  Total
0-9 Years                         56,610                              50,593                                          107,203
10 – 19 Years                         43,862                              41,904                                            85,766
20 – 39 Years                         40,678                              42,974                                            83,652
40 – 59 Years                         17,074                              18,504                                            35,578
60 Years & above                           7,493                                9,272                                            16,765
Totals                      165,717                            163,247                                          328,964


The need for social protection is motivated by two factors: poverty and vulnerability. Poverty describes a low level of income or consumption, while vulnerability refers to the risk of falling into poverty. The extent of poverty – headcount numbers, severity and trends – indicates the extent of the need for social protection; unfortunately, poverty also restricts the tax base and limits the potential for formal social protection measures to be extended to all poor citizens.

Our target groups are the orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) between the ages of 1 to 19 within Mityana district and widows and vulnerable women

Problems in the district

The problem areas assessed: education, nutrition, Health, spiritual & moral wellbeing.

Rising numbers of orphans

One of the biggest challenges of our day is a growing number of orphaned children in and around Mityana district because of civil wars, diseases and poverty in particular Uganda has been and still holds the biggest orphan population per capita of any district in Uganda yet the number is continuing to grow due to lower mortality rate of parents especially men due to diseases and poverty. 

It is estimated that Mityana has over 70,000 orphans


Coupled with the growing numbers of orphans and widows is the rising numbers of school drop outs due to lack of school fees and study aids like books, uniforms school bags etc


This problem statement about Mityana can never be considered complete without talking about the low standards of nutrituion of children in Mityana. Most people in the surrounding areas of Mityana are peasant farmers. They depend farm harvest when due. The harvests are always not sufficient. This contributes negatively to the nutrion needs in this district. This directly impacts the children.

On average many families earn less than $1 per day. This compounds the problem of malnutrition.


This problem statement about Mityana can never be considered complete without talking about the sanitation standards in Mityana. The levels of sanitation in Mityana are low. As you move from the main town towards rural areas, you will notice the rise in levels of poor sanitation


The coming of COVID-19 has overshadowed the prevalence of HIV-AIDS in Mityana. HIV-AIDS is still spreading in the district especially among the youths of the district. HIV has been one of the main causes of the rising numbers of orphans and widows in the district

The level of HIV/AIDS infection is 6.2% of the total population of Mityana District

Spiritual Environment

A healthy spiritual environment in any region will always give birth to a vibrant economic-social and moral well-being of a place. Mityana is no exception.

Mityana has the following denominations: Catholics, Protestants, Pentecostal, Moslems and spiritualists. The percentage of genuine Christians is as low as 5%. Truth be told. The message has been spread but a lot more has be done

Economic activity has been on a sharp steady decline since 2019 not just the Mityana district but the whole country at large due to COVID-19 due to a domestic lockdowns, border closures for all but essential cargo, and the spillover effects of disruptions to global demand and supply chains.

The orphans and vulnerable who were already in terrible economic conditions have been affected more deeply

It is with all the above in mind that Samaritans For Children was birthed. Currently we have 40 orphans and vulnerable children,  8 widows and 15 vulnerable. If you compare these numbers with district statistics presented above, you will realize that the need is great. It’s like a drop in the ocean

It’s on this basis that we call upon individuals and organizations to stand with us spiritually, morally, practically and financially to alleviate the above anomalies in Mityana District.

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Who we are

Samaritans For Children, Mityana, Uganda is a community based Non-denomination
Christian organisation but base on the bible as our pillar towards salvation and base on
the concepts of the Lord, son of God in
provision of our services inclined to physical, spiritual, emotional and mental support for a holistic responsible future young generation and organised Christian families.

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