Basing on the number of school dropout due loss of their parents, family neglegency, the insufficient funds to pay for school fees and scholastic materials, Samaritans For Children was started to help the most vulnerable and marginalized children so that they can attain quality education and become responsible citizens of Uganda. The director(Muyingo Andrew) having struggled in life as an orphan while growing up, he was inspired to start Samaritans For Children in 2014 to help the most vulnerable children in Mityana and elsewhere. We started with taking care of 12 children and the organisation is currently taking care of 73 children in schools like New Junior School Mityana. The organisation helps the orphans and vulnerable children with basic education, spiritual support, social and economic welfare plus medication though it calls for more funding due the high vulnerability of children in Mityana District

Situation Analysis Of Orphans And Vulnerable Children In Uganda

Uganda was one of the first countries in which the potential impact of the HIV and AIDS epidemic on children was documented and recognized (Hunter 1990, Müller and Abbas 1990, Dunn et al. 1992). According to Children on the Brink 2000 (Hunter and Williamson 2000), in 1990, 17 percent of Uganda’s children below 15 years old were orphaned. The Uganda National Household Survey conducted by UBOS in 2005/6 identified that 15 percent of Ugandan children (below the age of 18 years old) were orphaned, suggesting that at that time there were approximately two million orphaned children in Uganda.
In Uganda, a child who has been orphaned is defined as a child below the age of 18 years old whose mother or father has died 1 (MGLSD 2004b). According to this definition, orphaned children are just one category of vulnerable children in Uganda, since many more children live in situations that render them vulnerable. Rampant poverty and lack of access to basic services (such as appropriate housing, health care, education, water, and sanitation) have left many children vulnerable to high risks of exposure to harm.

Our Team

Muyingo Andrew
Director Samaritans For Children

Bio Information And Future Plan

  • A born again christian attached to Mityana Pentecostal Churches of Uganda (2009 to date),

Nabakunja Norah
Chair Person

Mr. Ssimbwa Robert Robinson
Treasurer Samaritans For Children/ Director New Junior Sch.

Bio Information And Future Plan
Ssimbwa Robert Robinson a born again christian teacher by profession holding a bachelors degree Kampala International University(2015-2018)


The mission of Samaritans For Children is to value the integrity and worth of orphans and vulnerable children by modeling them for clothing, sheltering, feeding, education and spiritual support with community outreaches towards improving the quality of life of children living with special needs in Mityana District -Uganda.
We exist to raise the next generation of African leaders by pursuing excellence in academic and practical skills, integrity in conduct and moral values, so that each one becomes a responsible Christian and a productive citizen.

Who We Are?

We are a community based christian organisation who don't discriminate the children of religion but believe in born again christian concepts of the Lord and son of God. We up bring the children under the lord's guidance of phyiscal, spiritual, emotional and mental support for a holistic responsible future young generation.

What we do?

  • We support orphans and vulnerable children in already identified christian families:
    • We feed the needy children with proper meals, accomodation facilities,
    • We provide the needy children with scholarstic material,
    • We give the vulnerable children school uniforms, shoes, clothes, mosquito nets, medical assistance.
    • Provision of safe water for drinking and sensitisation campaigns in schools.
    • We spread gospel in schools and donate bibles.
    • We support children with tution fees at primary levels.


Referring from 'The Parable of The Good Samaritan' Luke: (10:25-37) Samaritans For Children looks closely to helping the neighbourhood as the good samaritan who was travelling did to the vulnerable person who injuredLuke: (10:25-37). By showing God's grace to children in Uganda living with or infected and affected by HIV/AIDS, they will be celebrated and seen as fearfully and wonderfully made by being supported by good Samaritans spiritually, finincially, emotionally and economically. We believe in the worth and dignity of all human beings. We work alongside caring and dedicated members of the local community to lead the way to end discrimination towards children and adults living with HIV/AIDS, affected by poverty and Covid-19 issues in Uganda. We envision to spread the gospel of the Samaritans for Children from Mityana to Uganda in general through building the spirit of voluntarism, formation of samaritan clubs in schools, churches, local communities, Awareness radio programs and involving the local community.This will enhance all of us to share the little from our possessions to the vulnerability class of people targetting children (Matthew:19:13-14 -as Jesus welcomed children). We look forward to seeing the developing the samaritan seed to grow from childhood to adulthood hence serving exactly in Jesus' foot steps thereby promoting his works.
To crown it all, we intend to build capacity vulnerable children's service providers including homes, schools and churches, fundraising for children's welfare and promoting children's rights.


  • To support on social and gospel acitivities for children and youths in Mityana District.
  • To promote education and health of the vulnerable children communities in the area.
  • To figth HIV/AIDS and support orphans and vulnerable children.
  • To establish self sustaining projects in areas of health, education, water and sanitation.
  • To promote food production and agriculture in general for the vulnerable communities.
  • To establish samaritans for children home and church.

Our Philosophy

A better future for the most vulnerable and maginorised children is our pride!

Where We Work?

Samaritans For Children works in Mityana district. We get children from the most vulnerable homes, some come from streets and help them have a better education and the best standards of living.